The Flowering Mind Summit

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“Just like the moon, life goes through phases. From our darkest moments until we once again shine bright, we learn to embrace both the darkness and the light…dancing through each cycle to the rhythms of life.” The darkness of this phase of the moon allows for deep introspection, shedding light on our subconscious thoughts and intuition. We have an enhanced ability to see clearly into ourselves. It’s a great time to go within and truly listen to ourselves and our hearts desires.

The time before the New Moon is a time to empty out, to let go and create space to be filled by new life. This rituals session is focused ways to get you in a broader mood of reflection and release. Generally, the time around the New Moon is a very inward and low-energy few days. This is a reset-phase, a time of connecting to the essence of whatever is present in your life and working with it in the more subtle layers of reality. It’s a great time to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, connect to something darker and dreamier, and space out.

Join Sally Griffyn’s live energy moon energy session on Jan 11th 2021.

After session 1’s letting go of the dark moon energy and create new space to welcome the new. It is a great time to become more aligned with our visions. Questions to ask ourselves at this time are “What do I truly want?” “What am I ready to create?” “What do I need to call into my life to manifest my dreams?”

Join Julie Rader’s live session to ride with the new moon energy to manifest our dream lives.

How to manifest with your energy, Reiki for Self Love, Staying well with Reiki during a pandemic.

Besides our thoughts, the quality of our being determines our experience on Earth. We can either let our negative experiences and emotions take the driver seat and manifest more of the same or we can learn our lessons, acknowledge what needs attention, and transform. 

Join Reiki master Xandy Mancao’s live Reiki energy healing session and experience the power of manifestation with energy,

A new day requires a new way to lead self and others through change. Leading from the inside out is leadership of the future. Tina will guide us to

During this live session, Tina will guide you unlock peak performance by use influence, collaboration and personal power to strengthen your bottom-line performance and overall business and leadership acumen.

Do you find it hard to manifest the things you want into your life? Perhaps you follow the Law of Attraction and just can’t quite conquer manifestation? It can be tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, manifesting can become second nature to you. Maybe you are unsure of what manifestation really means. Or maybe you need clarity on what the purpose of manifestation is!  In order to succeed in your manifestations, you need to truly believe in them.

Join Natalie and Iris to unveil the secret the law of attraction.

Why it is essential to acknowledge the body. The impact of Root Chakra on manifesting your dreams. How dreaming is a bottom up process.

Diana will guide you a mindful and transformative session to land & ground our dreams solidly.

It is time to celebrate! Pursuing our dream is a life time journey. It is important that we choose to pause and celebrate. The joyful and grateful energy will keep us strong and helps us grow.

Let’s celebrate and keep dancing.

Please join Sally and me to celebrate our 1 week summit together and let the momentum to keep moving us forward to in our living our dream life journey!